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Why Maharaja Law College

MAHARAJA LAW COLLEGE is the first law institution of Shahabad It has been attracting most talented students. Teaching -staff of the, college are devoted to their duties. They are eminent lawyers. well versed in all branches of law. They have been strenuously and constantly working to make the Law college a hub of Law education. Because of the scholastic pursuit of teachers, the alumini of this almamater are so read over as legal practitioner's right from Hon'ble Supreme Court to lower courts. The ex-students of this college are also occupying the seat of judgeship in Bihar, Jharkhand and other states. The college is moving ahead under the guidance of our Hon'ble Vice Chancellor Dr, Subhash Prasad Sinha and Dr. Brajesh Kumar, Regis.trar of Veer Kunwar Singh University, Ara. The college family is highly obliged to them for their sincere devotion towards the development of this college.

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